Cloud-Based Email Marketing Platform for High-Volume Email Delivery.


Manage multiple email vendors from one email marketing platform.


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The power to choose your email vendors




Unlock the power of an email marketing cloud


One user dashboard. Keep track of successes, unsubscribes, bounces, opens, clicks, conversion rates, and more from multiple email delivery vendors in one user dashboard. Optimize deliverability with multiple email delivery vendors at the same time. ​ ​
For example, you can manage all your email vendors from one user account. No more logging into multiple accounts and managing unsubscribes, creatives, lists spread over multiple ESP’s accounts.

Scalable on-demand email marketing platform


Give your email operation instant growth scalability and flexibility by fully managing and controlling every aspect of your email marketing operation.
For example, if you are a marketer with several brands or an agency with hundreds of clients our platform can scale with your specific business demands.

Complete control and lower costs


Choose a cost-effective email vendor for your specific campaign requirements giving you the power of a multi-vendor platform. ​


For example, you now have the power to use to control costs by routing your different types of email through vendors based on price, sending limits, delivery and response






Whitelabel Agency Program




Turn your agency into an email marketing agency


Setup your own custom domain and rebrand under your logo. Change the user interface colors and set your own pricing for your clients.
For example, discount pricing allows your agency competitive pricing against all other popular ESPs around the world.




Custom pricing and reporting


You can set your own pricing for your clients should pay to send their email campaigns. Set your own prices above our base rates and earn a profit for each client you will get onboard.


For example, You can set custom stat reporting for your exact business need. Create share links, export links and much more




Manage multiple brands, clients, team members


Coordinate your marketing with team members and manage multiple brand profiles for different clients with permission settings.


For example, you can create different brand profiles for each individual client to store campaigns subscriptions and reporting separately.





Scalable On-demand


Give your email operation instant growth scalability and flexibility.


Advanced Platform


Fully manage and control every aspect of your email marketing operation.


Complete Control


Take control back of your email marketing operation with multi-delivery vendors.


One User Dashboard


Manage multiple email delivery vendors from one user dashboard


Multi-Vendors email


Optimize deliverability with multiple email delivery vendors at the same time.


Lower Costs


Choose a cost-effective provider for your specific campaign requirements.


Drag & Drop Email Builder

Create responsive emails and landing pages without designers or coding. Drag & drop elements, upload images, select colors and fonts to match your brand.

Real-Time Event List Builder

Build real-time event lists based on forms, surveys, CRM, email activity, device type, response category, and engagement level.

Event Trigger Automation

Configure email automation and send relevant event (time or action based) messages. to welcome, confirm, thank, inform, or follow up.

Email Delivery Provider Routing

Route emails to any email delivery provider (ESP, SMTP Relays, MTA) or sub accounts within a specific email delivery provider at the same time .

Email Reputation Routing

Optimize inbox placement based on email reputation by email delivery provider. Route emails based on a specific user, campaign, list or sender.

Custom Email Routing Profiles

Build email routing profiles for user accounts based on single or double opt-in status, success status, bounce rate, fbl rate or last event date.


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