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BuilderEngine CMS Version 3.2.1 Release

We are proud to release Version 3.2.1 of the Open Source Content Management System - BuilderEngine. The 3.2.1 update builds on the massive 3.2.0 version with a strong focus on the frontend tools of the platform.

You can download this release here: or you can Update Your CMS within the Dashboard.

The following is a snapshot of what is in V3.2.1:

  • New Designer Block System Introduced
  • Improved the flexibility of the Designer Page Blocks
  • Custom CSS improvement background/colors.
  • Bootstrap Blocks improved extra options (Add/Delete Elements).
  • New 2016 Default Theme added.
  • Pop-up option boxes improved.
  • Blog module / app fixes.
  • Core fixes / Misc fixes.

We are planning on adding dozens of new blocks in the next update that will expand the abilities features of the website builder / cms. In this update a major change in how you access the options for adding blocks, rows, columns, etc and now you must right-click on an area to bring up the options wheel. Here you can select different options some will show a pop-up or sidebar to make your actions. Also the underlying block system got some work to where we were able to cut out 3/4 of the work involved in creating new blocks and this ability clears the way to start adding dozens of blocks to the system.

So far the new Designer block system is working pretty well in how it works the range of options we can add further to it. Let us know what you think of it in the community forums.

If you come across any issues, please email us until our new Forums module is ready to deploy. Also the CMS zip on has been updated to the latest 3.2.1 for clean installs.

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