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  • email-follow-up-methods-for-closing-sales
    As a online business, you just don’t have new clients drop into your lap, out of thin air. And if new clients do drop into your lap, it’s most likely after your clients moved through your businesses sales cycle. (If you’re thinking: “what is a business sales cycle?” The... READ MORE

  • be_update-321
    BuilderEngine CMS Version 3.2.1 Release We are proud to release Version 3.2.1 of the Open Source Content Management System - BuilderEngine. The 3.2.1 update builds on the massive 3.2.0 version with a strong focus on the frontend tools of the platform. You can download this release here: http://... READ MORE

  • be_street-art
    Amazing Street Art Street art, no matter what side of the wall you stand on, is no longer just a graffiti artist s tag. Some of the scene s biggest names have literally made the world their canvas. Lets take a short tour around the world. Dulk Seb Velasco - Torreblanca, Spain Tristan E... READ MORE

  • be_deleting-a-user-account
    This post will guide you through the User Account Deletion process. Step 1: Browse to the User Login Page and Login to your User Account Step 2: Select Edit Settings under the Settings option in the sidebar menu Step 3: Set Delete My Account to Yes and the click on the Save... READ MORE